Getting Spooky

Getting Spooky


Casa Loma at night

No matter how many times I walk by Casa Loma, I never get over the fact that there is a CASTLE right down the street from me.

While a lovely destination for weddings, this place definitely has some haunted house potential. Which is probably why the Liberty Entertainment Group turned the castle into a haunted house this October, called Legends of Horror. After finding a Groupon for it, Matt and I  went on a double date there last week. Regular price is between $40-$45 per person, and the deal made it $30 – so check it out if you plan on going.

The spooky factor was pretty high before we even entered the grounds when a skeleton refused to break eye contact with us. To break the awkwardness, Matt said “Jeez, that guy could really use a hamburger.” Poor, hungry skeleton.

Once we got in, one of the staff taking tickets told us that halfway through the haunted house walk there was a case we needed to take a break from the stress of being scared. My face lit up, because who doesn’t love an unexpected bar stop?

Beginning the walk wasn’t too scary. A few vampires here, a couple of zombies there. But, then we stumbled across a Hall of Mirrors. This place was creepy… If you’ve never been in one though, this is a good introduction. Mostly because you will actually get out.

Midway through was the bar…AWESOME. As a heads up, there are multiple bar set-ups here each offering something different. One sounds like a cocktail bar, but they actually make shots. My friend Yve made this mistake, and she ended up sipping a tiny cocktail from a shot glass.

After the bar stop we were led through the tunnels under the castle, filled with zombies and tombstones. This may have been the creepiest part of the tour! To avoid giving too much away, I’ll stop here.

If you feel like getting into the Halloween spirit, and especially if you’ve never been to Casa Loma, you should definitely check this event out. As a side note – make sure you’re in good shoes. This walk is about 1.5 km so don’t wear heels!



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