Weekend Wednesdays

Weekend Wednesdays

Every Wednesday, I’ll be posting some fun happenings and ideas for the weekend. Here’s my suggestions for October 28th-30th.

Do something Halloween-related, obviously.

  • This is the last weekend for the haunted house at Casa Loma (see my previous post for how much fun this was).
  • If clubbing is more your thing (also if $3 drinks are your thing), and you fondly remember the 90’s, check out Bar 244 on October 28th. Warning: this may be a bust, as I’ve never actually been, but it could also be super awesome. But hey, advance tickets are only $10 so it’s worth the gamble.
  • Check out Night of Dread  at Dufferin Grove Park on October 29th. This event is pretty unique sounding. Dress up in white and black attire, parade around, and then come back to the park for a show put on by the Clay and Pepper theatre.

Let me know if you head out to any of these events!




3 thoughts on “Weekend Wednesdays

  1. Such a great idea for a post! I will be following to see what fun things are going on in the city. Although this weekend I’m hosting a pot-luck, so I think I’ll be cooking!


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