The Toronto Baker’s Market

The Toronto Baker’s Market

Every month, the Toronto Baker’s Market is held in the city’s east and west ends. The one I went to last Sunday with my friend Rita was held at the Great Hall on Queen West.

It’s no secret that I enjoy a baked treat. So when I heard about this market full of treats, I practically ran there. And by ran there, I mean ran to catch an Uber since I was feeling particularly lazy that day.

The excitement began (at least for me) as soon we walked in, with an offering of free hot chocolate. Because, what better way to wash down your sugar-laced treats than with more sugar? Delicious.

Walking down to the vendor area, was what I imagine my personal heaven would be like.  The smell of freshly baked EVERYTHING wafted through the air, and as with any time I find a good bakery, I became instantly happier. With vendors selling everything from cinnamon buns, to homemade Pop Tarts (below), I didn’t know where to begin.

Pop Tarts from Sugar Rush Bakery

So I just started trying one of everything that caught my eye. The first thing I tried was a gingerbread scone. I turned around to tell Rita how delicious it was, and she had a meat pie in her hand. This place made for an awesome walking lunch, so long as your lunch doesn’t need to involve vegetables.

The next vendor that caught my eye was the Cinnabean Cakes stand, where I saw some adorable penguins and dogs with Santa hats.


As I was taking this photo,  the folks at this stand offered Rita and I a sample of their carrot/coconut cake, which of course we happily tried. “This cake is so good,” I excitedly exclaimed with frosting on my hand. The vendor pointed to the containers of individual slices for sale, and my eyes lit up. You’d honestly think I’d never had a piece of cake before I was so excited. Surprisingly, this cake made it home where Matt got to try some.

At this point, I had to tell myself to chill out. So I began taking some photos of what I’ll try next month, because I’ll definitely be back. My first stop may have to be to grab one of these tasty looking donuts from Donut Monster.


Check out the next Toronto Baker’s Market in Leslieville, at the Ralph Thornton Centre on December 18th from noon-4 pm. Entry is free.


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